Chronic Disease Management Solutions for Providers and Payors

Healthcare is changing. It has to.

The old model of fee-for-service, acute care management processes is ill equipped to deal with the growing burden of chronic disease. In its place, new models of low-cost, continuous, patient-driven, outcome-oriented care are developing.

Guidepost was founded to bring advanced management techniques and technologies originally developed in the financial services and telecoms industries to the management of chronic disease. We empower patients and caregivers through technology – improving the efficiency of healthcare and promoting better outcomes.


What we do

Guidepost enables efficient, high-impact chronic disease care through:

  • Creating innovative business models that enable a whole-patient, outcomes focused healthcare approach
  • Building supporting processes and technology  that reduce the cost and complexity of managing chronic disease for patients and caregivers
  • Supporting these initiatives with rigorous analytics to monitor results and continuously improve outcomes


How we do it

The Guidepost platform is a proven set of tools and processes for chronic disease management through:

  • Technology-driven patient-level health metrics collection (e.g. blood glucose, weight)
  • Personalised, automated patient feedback and education for patient empowerment
  • In-person and telephonic coaching, advice and follow up
  • Care coordination and care protocol execution
  • Patient portfolio management and reporting tools for caregivers and doctors



Guidepost for Providers and Payors

As a healthcare provider or payor, Guidepost can give you the tools and the trained resources to execute large-scale patient management programmes for your patients, customers or employees. Our approach reduces your long-term costs, improves patient health outcomes and greatly improves patient satisfaction. We work with you to define and refine the care approaches you need to tackle your biggest chronic disease management problems; then we execute on your behalf. Contact us to find out more.

Although tuberculosis is still the leading cause of death in South Africa, diabetes is rising rapidly and is predicted to overtake HIV and AIDS in the near future.