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 Why are my blood sugars so high?




 Am I taking the right dose of meds? 




 Can I eat this? What should I eat? 




 How do I get healthy? What next? 


Get answers from your personal diabetes coach – just a phone call away.


Guidepost links you with your personal coach who can help you reach your goals. Understand your diabetes? Feel more in control? Have more energy? Feel more alive? Want to lose weight? Join the Guidepost network and get unlimited telephonic coaching sessions with an expert in diabetes who will give you personalised guidance on your path to health. Diabetes is forever… and we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Sheila

    Sr. Plaatjie is an expert in oral medication and insulin.

  • Adele

    Adele is a registered dietitian and a UK X-PERT educator.

  • Nadine

    Sr. Nadine is a Type 2 diabetic and is passionate about overcoming challenges.

  • Urma

    Sr. Urma is a DESSA-certified diabetes educator with three years of coaching experience.

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 Unlimited diabetes coaching sessions 




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Yearly diary with tailored education


Your health is the most precious thing you have. We’ve helped more than 2,000 people from all over South Africa live well with their diabetes. Our members go to hospital far less often than other diabetics, have fewer hypos and spend much less on overall medical expenses. They’ve taken control of their diabetes – have you?

Unlimited Diabetes Coaching Sessions

Diabetes can be confusing; we’ll help make it simpler. When you subscribe to Guidepost Direct, you get telephonic access to your personal diabetes Coach who will work with you on your journey to good health. Our Coaches are just a phone call, SMS or email away, no matter where you live. We’ll ask you to send us your blood sugar readings every now and then. Using your readings, we can tell a lot about how your diabetes is doing. You and your Coach will have an in-depth discussion on what the numbers tell us and what you could do next. To make life easier for you, you can send us your readings via a free SMS. You can also send us a free SMS and we’ll call you back. Alternatively you can ask us questions via SMS and we’ll write back to you. If you lose your glucose meter or your meter stops working during the year, we’ll replace it with an Accu-Chek meter free of charge.

Coach Reports and Personal Guidance

During the coaching sessions, we’ll answer your questions on diabetes, give you tailored training based on your needs and help you to reach the right dose of your meds. We’ll help you interpret the guidelines that are tailored for you, including what foods to eat and what exercise is right for you. At the end of every coaching session, we’ll send you a detailed report with comments from your Coach that will let you track your goals and make progress to living healthier. You can see how you’re doing over time and what you need to focus on next.

Assistance with Medical Aid Approvals

Diabetes is one of the Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions. That means Medical Aids have to pay for your treatment, subject to their formulary. Accessing your Medical Aid benefits can be very difficult and time consuming, leading to big co-payments and lots of out-of-pocket expenses. We’ll help you get the most from your Medical Aid’s benefits.

Yearly Diary with Tailored Education

Finding accurate information on diabetes can be difficult – there’s a lot of bad advice out there. Our Coaches have put together easy to understand training with simple illustrations. All of this information is in a diary we’ll send you each year. The diary give you a place to easily write down your medication doses and track your daily blood glucose readings for discussion with your Coach.

The Cost

We know that diabetes can be lonely and frustrating - some of us are diabetics too. Our expert coaches are just a call away to give you immediate answers to your diabetes questions, saving you time and money. You can’t always phone your doctor, but you can phone us! Your Guidepost Direct subscription costs just R249 per month. You can cancel at any time, but if you subscribe for 12 months, you’ll get R600 cash back. Some of our members say that having the cash-back helps them stay focused on their goals during the year. We think it’ll work for you too. Find out more about us or send us your details and we’ll call you back.